BRICKHOUSE IS a three story lounge FITTED with 2 SEPARATE BARS, AN OUTDOOR TERRACE, & OUR MAIN LEVEL DACE FLOOR TO CREATE a dynamic atmosphere from the bottom to the top serving an eclectic mix of classic to contemporary cocktails. The build out on the building was as green as possible including materials and designs that have been reused, recycled or repurposed from this or another building in the area.
The upstairs section of the Brickhouse sets the tone for the weekend as our 3rd story cocktail lounge outfitted with 2 flatscreen TVs, terrace access, recycled Nike display constructed front bar, 4 additional beers on tap, and the most advanced interior lighting in downtown Racine. we’re lucky to have one of racine’s most interesting [somewhat] hidden gems to sit and have a cocktail.
from classic cocktails to dance offs. the main floor is where brickhouse acquires its name and reputation. upon walking through the front door you can choose to go up to the cocktail lounge or make your way to the back dance floor and party to your heart’s content. locked and loaded with a jbl sound system consisting of 4 active pa speakers & 2 subwoofers, 3 lazers, moving spotlights, hazers & strobe; we came prepared for the weekend. did you?